Intensive Biomass Harvesting in the Oregon Cascades for Long-Term Soil Productivity (LTSP)

Forest management has strong effects on the landscapes, but what happens to soil carbon - and therefore site productivity - following intensive biomass harvesting?

Impacts of organic matter removal and vegetation control on nutrition and growth of Douglas-fir at three Pacific Northwestern Long-Term Soil Productivity sites

Growing trees can take a whole lifetime, so you better know if your site nutrition status changes following harvest. Here we looked at a few sites in the PNW to examine how the antecedent conditions helped to buffer the soils to changes to the nutrient capacity of the site.

Does Root Carbon from Harvested Trees Replace Mineral Carbon? Effects of LTSP Treatments in a Western Oregon Douglas-fir Forest

Forest soils are can be resilient to harvesting, but what about two or three or four rotations worth of biomass removals? Here I present some work from my Masters, combining it with one chapter of my dissertation on the resilience of soil-C following harvesting (it's all the roots!)

Responses in soil following intensive biomass and compaction treatments in the Oregon Cascades

I hope you enjoy my Masters Defense. It was a labor of love.