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How it started

This radio show was started by two graduate students in 2012 at Oregon State University because they felt like there was a missing outlet for their colleagues to talk about their hard won research. It started rather informally with the forestry and botany/plant pathology student asking all their friends to be on the show, but over time they gained steam and guests were signing up constantly. You can read about all the past hosts and guests.

How it’s going

As of March 2020, about 300 interviews have been conducted. Because podcasts were not really a thing until more recently, only the most recent 200 episode are available on our Apple Podcast page. Since 2019, the Inspiration Dissemination team partnered with the OSU Graduate School to showcase some of our most influential guests through the annual Grad Inspire program (See our 2019, 2020, and the remote 2021 shows). Sadly, the Grad Inspire 2020 event was one of the last public events the university had before COVID-19 restrictions began forcing the show to go on hiatus.

As of this writing (summer 2021), the university recently allowed students to record in the radio booth again. However, we normally take summer breaks off and the Delta variant is causing in-person restrictions to be reinstated. While we may not be able to return to the recording booth, we hope to adapt the show to record remotely for the 2021 academic school year and beyond.

You can check out my memorable episodes, or find the full archive of my interviews & writing samples.

Adrian C. Gallo
Adrian C. Gallo
PhD, He/Him,
Climate Campaign Coordinator

I’m formally trained as a terrestrial biogeochemist (aka I know a lot about how dirt controls ecosystems). My current role involves the intersection of energy and environmental policy, and trying to get the renewable energy transition to hurry up in the most equitable way possible. Outside of the office you can find me running, mountain biking, rock climbing, or playing soccer.