My love of Mountain Biking Meets Soils

Soil + MTB = Fun

David Shuhltz and I had a short interview where he asked me about some of the best mountain biking trails in the US. I rambled on about soil taxonomy and soil pedology and biking influences on soils. I referenced SoilWeb in our interview, a website where you can discover basically anything about the soil you’re standing on (except who’s homelands it is, but maybe that’s in a future update). Want to know if your soil is good for septic tanks, blueberries vs douglas-fir production, rock content, or even suitability for building construction? SoilWeb has the answers, and a little infographic of what color and how deep the soils are! [Caveat: the programmer is only as good as the data they have available. Since most of the soil mapping, and descriptions, and samplings occurred on agricultural-focused lands, not everywhere has soils information. Large swaths of the deserts, many forests, tidal areas, etc.. do not have soils information.]

Soil Science Society of America Journal has a science communication arm, where they helped to put David and I in touch. You can find them advertising this mountain biking story here, and you can follow David on Twitter.

Adrian C. Gallo
Adrian C. Gallo
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I’m trained as a terrestrial biogeochemist (aka I know a lot about dirt). As a future career I’m currently exploring science communication and climate change adaptation policy through an environmental justice framework. When not science-ing you can find me running, mountain biking, or playing soccer.