Pyrogenic Carbon

Quantifying impacts of forest fire on soil carbon in a young, intensively managed tree farm in the western Oregon Cascades

The Oregon Labor Day fires of 2020 collectively burned over 1,000,000 acres. That year, more than 10,000,000 acres burned across the western US that caused nearly $20 billion dollars in damages. This study is focused on the post-fire effects on a young industrial timber plantation that we were monitoring very carefully for years prior as part of another project, but it burned up in the Holiday Farm Fire.

Short-Term Effects of Recent Fire on the Production and Translocation of Pyrogenic Carbon in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Studying wildfire effects on ecosystems is difficult because predicting *where* and *when* something will burn is nearly impossible, and rarely do you have robust pre-fire data. My dissertation samples from the Great Smoky Mountain National Park were collected prior to the Chimney Tops 2 from 2016. It was a wind-driven high intensity and high severity fire that burned 4,500 hectares. In this paper, we examine the pre and post fire pyrogenic carbon signal using an innovative BPCA method developed by Dr. Matosziuk.